2020 Legislative Agenda

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2020 Legislative Agenda


It’s my honor to present our 2020 legislative agenda that focuses on helping impoverished communities, providing affordable housing, helping teachers, and making sure that everyone across the district has access to economic opportunity and success. With it being my third year as a member of the legislature, I feel confident in saying that the bills I will be working on this session along with other legislation presented by my colleagues, will be some of the most important laws we will pass in Columbia in over a decade.

Chief among the bills that we will be introducing this cycle is H. 4657 also known as the Opportunity Zone Enhancement Act (“OZEA”). This piece of legislation will work to provide a framework for establishing thriving communities. It will build on the Opportunity Zone legislation I personally introduced last session, and with bi-partisan support, this new law will assure that low-income communities exist in an environment that fosters economic success, ensures growth, and assists business owners in achieving both their long- and short-term goals.

We are also working to produce legislation that provides a significant increase in affordable housing, especially to rural and low-income areas. Since being elected, I have continuously and urgently stressed my colleagues in the legislature to pass laws and make it easier for cities and towns to create more affordable housing to those who need it. Affordable housing not only increases the quality of life for those it directly affects but acts as a natural stimulus to the local economies by providing more individuals and businesses with economic and educational opportunities. It’s critical that we pass affordable housing legislation as soon as possible – this is why I’m making it one of my top priorities this session.

Lastly, as many of you know, South Carolina has been blessed with a 1.8-billion-dollar financial surplus this session. In my opinion, our first priority is simple and frankly, long overdue on how we spend this money – let’s get it in the hands of our teachers and also provide an environment in which they can teach our children to the best of their abilities. Let’s use it to give them a raise. Let’s use it to make class sizes smaller. Let’s use it to keep teachers here in South Carolina for years to come. And let’s do it now!

I hope that the 2020 legislative session will be full of progress and landmark legislation that will move South Carolina forward. I’m extremely grateful that I get to be a part of it and represent you on this journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at info@marvinstagstg.wpengine.com or (803.212.6716) if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for legislation.

In Community,