I believe in Education and Opportunity and the difference they make. Help us make a push forward in South Carolina for a better future.

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“I hope to be at the forefront of a new wave of young, ambitious, and driven political leadership in South Carolina that will push this state forward in a way yet to be seen.”

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I am DETERMINED to remain steadfast and focused on Education and ensuring that our public school system has adequate funding.

Affordable Housing

I am DETERMINED to work diligently to address the greatest threat to an economically and culturally diverse community; Affordable Housing.

Economic Equality

I am DETERMINED to create, build, and sustain Economic Equality for all of this District’s residents by connecting industry to the people.

The Early Years

Marvin grew up in the Charleston Farms neighborhood of North Charleston, South Carolina, in the heart of House District 113.

Community Engagement

Among many things, he visits local schools and participates in charitable events for children, the homeless, and speaks out against violence in the community.